BVD represents one of the biggest economic drains on the British cattle industry, the cost of infection can amount to as much as £90/dairy cow/year, and around £37/beef cow/year1.

It is very widespread with approximately three-quarters of dairy herds, and nearly two-thirds of beef herds, being exposed to the disease, as shown by data collected through MSD Animal Health’s ExpertisTM DairyCheck and BeefCheck schemes.

The good news is that we are well on the way to controlling BVD in parts of Great Britain –

Scotland: BVD eradication scheme


The level of exposure of BVD in Scottish herds has significantly reduced from 40% to around 15% of herds having a ‘not negative’ status, which shows that farmers and vets are working towards eliminating this disease2.

For further information visit the Scottish Government’s BVD site (

England: BVDFree

BVD Free

BVDFree England is an industry-led scheme designed to eliminate BVD virus from all cattle herds in the country by 2022. It will develop a national database, storing individual and herd test results for scheme members. BVDFree is based on achieving the elimination of BVD through identification and removal of animals persistently infected (PIs) with BVD.3

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BVD control is also being assessed in Wales with options under consideration.

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