Prevention - the number one strategy for a healthy flock

UK sheep are often exposed to disease-causing organisms; many of the common threats are preventable by vaccination.

Preventative healthcare is a proactive approach to managing flock health and may include a combination of vaccines and parasiticides alongside good nutrition, management and environmental measures.


  • ...boost immunity and protect from the threat of disease over time;
  • ...are often made from weakened or killed forms of the disease-causing microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins;
  • ...have made a major contribution to improving sheep health and productivity and are vital components in preventing a wide variety of diseases.

Remember: vaccines should not be confused with injectable parasiticides or antibiotics - to which resistance may develop.


  • ...are substances used in medicine and veterinary medicine to kill parasites.

Active preventative healthcare also ensures that antibiotics are only used when appropriate, with direction from a proactive sheep vet, if disease does strike. Visit the RUMA website and for more information.

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